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ElixirConf US 2015 notes

02 Oct 2015

ElixirConf US 2015 was October 2–3 in Austin, Texas.

Bruce Tate: The Pendulum

tech swings back and forth between approaches to problems. batch vs interactive…

Chris McCord: What’s Next for Phoenix

The Book is out!

Paul Shoenfelder: Release Management with ExRM and Conform

Alexander Songe: CRDTs: Datatypes for the Apocalypse

“conflict-free datatype”… how to have distributed complex values

Alan Gardner: Phoenix and Elm

Bryan Joseph: Elixir Beyond the Browser


Jessica Kerr: Elixir Should Take Over the World

José Valim: State of the Language

Lennart Fridén: Virtually Instructional

Steven Proctor: BEAMing with Joy

Nick DeMonner: OTP Has Done It

Ben Wilson: Streams, External Services, and OTP

James Smith: Interoperability in Elixir

Drew Olson: Composable Queries with Ecto