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notes for npmCamp 2016

30 Jul 2016

Isaac Schlueter

Wolf Rentzsch: demo of

Steve Kinney: Ins & Outs of Publishing to NPM

Kassandra Perch: npm + nodebots

Sara Itani: Node + MSFT

Andre Arko, Steve Klabnik, Samuel Giddins: panel about package Managers

Marcy Sutton: a11y testing w/aXe

Iheanyi Ekechukwu: Ember + Devops

Kate Hudson: frontend dev & npm3

Andrew Goode: automating semver

Steph Snopek & Kiera Manion-Fischer: npm support

Stephan Bönnemann: managing deps w/ Greenkeeper

Sharon Steed: empathetic communication

Daijiro Wachi: global OSS development

February Keeney: towards inclusive community

Kat Marchán (npm cli): state of the CLI

CJ Silverio: design patterns in the npm registry