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大国者下流   The great state should be like a river basin.
天下之交   The mixing place of the world,
天下之牝   The feminine of the world.
牝常以静胜牡   The feminine always overcomes the masculine by softness
以静为下   Because softness is lesser.
故大国以下小国   Therefore if a large state serves a small state
则取小国   It will gain the small state.
小国以下大国   If a small state serves a large state
则取大国   It will gain the large state.
故或下以取   Therefore some serve in order to gain
或下而取   And some gain despite their servitude.
大国不过   The large state wants nothing more
欲兼畜人   Than to unite and feed its people.
小国不过   The small state wants nothing more
欲入事人   Than to enter into the service of the right person.
夫两者各得其所欲   Thus both get what they want.
大者宜为下   Greatness lies in placing oneself below.

Sitelen Sitelen Renderer by Olaf Janssen.

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