lipu Pona la: kasi nanpa 63 pi lipu Nasin Pona

为无为   Do without “doing.”
事无事   Get involved without manipulating.
味无味   Taste without tasting.
大小   Make the great small,
多少   The many, few.
报怨以德   Respond to anger with virtue.
图难于其易   Deal with difficulties while they are still easy.
为大于其细   Handle the great while it is still small.
天下难事   The difficult problems in life
必作于易   Always start off being simple.
天下大事必作于细   Great affairs always start off being small.
是以圣人终不为大   Therefore the sage never deals with the great
故能成其大   And is able to actualize his greatness.
夫轻诺必寡信   Now light words generate little belief,
多易必多难   Much ease turns into much difficulty.
是以圣人犹难之   Therefore the sage treats things as though they were difficult,
故终无难矣   And hence, never has difficulty.

Sitelen Sitelen Renderer by Olaf Janssen.

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