lipu Pona la: kasi nanpa 65 pi lipu Nasin Pona

古之善为道者   The ancients who were skillful at the Way
非以明民   Did not illuminate the people
将以愚之   But rather kept them simple.
民之难治   When the people are difficult to rule
以其智多   It is because of their cleverness.
故以   Therefore
智治国   If you use cleverness to rule the state
国之贼   You are a robber of the state.
不以智治国   If you don’t use cleverness to rule the state
国之福   You are a blessing to the state.
知此两者亦稽式   If you understand these two points, you know the proper norm for governing.
常知稽式是谓玄德 tenpo ale la, sona … nimi li Pona Nasa. To be continuously understanding the proper norm is called Mysterious Virtue.
玄德深矣远矣 pona Nasa li suli mute a! How deep and far-reaching Mysterious Virtue is!
与物反矣 ijo ale li sin kama. It makes all return
然后乃至大顺   Until they reach the Great Norm.

Sitelen Sitelen Renderer by Olaf Janssen.

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