lipu Nasin la: kasi nanpa 15 pi lipu Nasin Pona

古之善为士者 sewi Nasin la, jan pi ken wawa… The ancient masters of the Way
微妙玄通 … li linluwi wawa nasa, Had subtle marvelous mystic penetration
深不可识 … li suli sama ken ala sona. A depth that cannot be known.
夫唯不可识 jan li ken ala sona e ona la, It is exactly because that they are unknowable
故强为之容 … o taso lukin e sitelen ona. That we are forced to pay attention to their appearance.
豫兮若冬涉川 awen a, sama e jan pi pali suli ike. Hesitant, like one crossing an ice-covered river.
犹兮若畏四邻 sona a, sama e jan pi monsuta tan jan poka ale. Ready, like one afraid of his neighbors on all sides.
俨兮其若容 olin a, sama e jan pi kama sin. Dignified, like a guest.
涣兮若冰之将释 linja a, sama e telo kiwen pi seli lili. Loose, like ice about to melt.
敦兮其若朴 pona a, sama e kiwen pali pi pali ala. Straightforward, like an uncarved block of wood.
旷兮其若谷 open a, sama e ma lupa. Open, like a valley.
混兮其若浊 pimeja a, sama e telo jaki. Obscure, like muddy water.
孰能浊以静之徐清 jan seme li ken awen e telo jaki la, telo jaki li pona? Who can be muddled, and use clarity to gradually become lucid?
孰能安以久动之徐生 jan seme li ken pali e ijo awen la, ijo awen li tawa? Who can be calm, and use constant application for eventual success?
保此道者 jan pi olin nasin… The one who holds to this path
不欲盈 … li wile ala. […] does not crave fulfillment.
夫唯不盈 jan pi wile ala… Precisely because he does not crave fulfillment
故能蔽不新成 li ken len, li ken wile ala e pali sin. He can be shattered[,] And do without quick restitution.

Sitelen Sitelen Renderer by Olaf Janssen.

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