lipu Nasin la: kasi nanpa 30 pi lipu Nasin Pona

以道佐人主者   If you used the Way as a principle for ruling
不以兵强天下   You would not dominate the people by military force.
其事好还   What goes around comes around.
师之所处   Where the general has camped
荆棘生焉   Thorns and brambles grow.
大军之后   In the wake of a great army
必有凶年   Come years of famine.
善有果而已   If you know what you are doing
不敢以取强   You will do what is necessary and stop there, not daring to use force.
果而勿矜   Accomplish but don’t boast
果而勿伐   Accomplish without show
果而勿骄   Accomplish without arrogance
果而不得已   Accomplish without grabbing
果而勿强   Accomplish without forcing.
物壮则老   When things flourish they decline.
是谓不道   This is called non-Way
不道早已   The non-Way is short-lived.

Sitelen Sitelen Renderer by Olaf Janssen.

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