lipu Nasin la: kasi nanpa 31 pi lipu Nasin Pona

夫佳兵者不祥之器   Sharp weapons are inauspicious instruments.
物或恶之   Everyone hates them.
故有道者不处   Therefore the man of the Way is not comfortable with them.
君子居则贵左   In the domestic affairs of the gentleman
用兵则贵右   The left is the position of honor.
兵者不祥之器   In military affairs the right is the position of honor.
非君子之器   Since weapons are inauspicious instruments, they are not the instruments of the gentleman
不得已而用之   So he uses them without enjoyment
恬淡为上   And values plainness.
胜而不美   Victory is never sweet.
而美之者   Those for whom victory is sweet
是乐杀人   Are those who enjoy killing.
夫乐杀人者   If you enjoy killing,
则不可以得志于天下矣   [Y]ou cannot gain the trust of the people.
吉事尚左   On auspicious occasions the place of honor is on the left.
凶事尚右   On inauspicious occasions the place of honor is on the right.
偏将军居左   The lieutenant commander stands on the left.
上将军居右   The commander-in-chief stands on the right.
言以丧礼处之   And they speak, using the funerary rites to bury them.
杀人之众   The common people, from whom all the dead have come
以哀悲泣之   Weep in lamentation.
战胜以丧礼处之   The victors bury them with funerary rites.

Sitelen Sitelen Renderer by Olaf Janssen.

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