lipu Pona la: kasi nanpa 66 pi lipu Nasin Pona

江海所以能   The reason the river and sea can be regarded as
为百谷王者   The rulers of all the valley streams
以其善下之   Is because of their being below them.
故能为百谷王   Therefore they can be their rulers.
是以圣人欲上民   So if you want to be over people
必以言下之   You must speak humbly to them.
欲先民   If you want to lead them
必以身后之   You must place yourself behind them.
是以圣人处上   Thus the sage is positioned above
而民不重   And the people do not feel oppressed.
处前而民不害   He is in front and they feel nothing wrong.
是以天下乐推而不厌   Therefore they like to push him front and never resent him.
以其不争   Since he does not contend
故天下莫能与之争   No one can contend with him.

Sitelen Sitelen Renderer by Olaf Janssen.

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