lipu Pona la: kasi nanpa 77 pi lipu Nasin Pona

天之道   The Way of Heaven
其犹张弓与   Is like stretching a bow.
高者抑之   The top is pulled down,
下者举之   The bottom is pulled up.
有余者损之   Excess string is removed
不足者补之   Where more is needed, it is added.
天之道   It is the Way of Heaven
损有余   To remove where there is excess
而补不足   And add where there is lack.
人之道则不然   The way of people is different:
损不足   They take away where there is need
以奉有余   And add where there is surplus.
孰能有余以奉天下   Who can take his surplus and give it to the people?
唯有道者   Only one who possesses the Way.
是以圣人为而不侍   Therefore the sage acts without expectation.
功成而不处   Does not abide in his accomplishments.
其不欲见贤   Does not want to show his virtue.

Sitelen Sitelen Renderer by Olaf Janssen.

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